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Roadcast is an iPhone app designed for professional radio reporters.

With Roadcast you can record high quality sound files, organize them and send them to your broadcasting studios in seconds.

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Turn Your iPhone into a Professional Field Recorder

Upload Your Recordings on the Go

Clean Design

Don't be distracted by dozens of buttons you don't need. Focus on your interview.

The simple user interface makes Roadcast easy and fun to use. It's never been easier to create high quality audio recordings with your iPhone.

Adjustable Input Gain

The Roadcast meter lets you easily control the input signal. Use the gain slider to increase or decrease your microphone's sensitivity.

You can always switch between the meter and the waveform view with only one tap – even when you are recording.

Multiple File Formats

Roadcast supports multiple file formats. You can record WAV, MP3 and M4A files directly - no conversion needed.

And don't worry about the technical details, the Roadcast recording presets help you to choose the best quality setting for your purpose.

Upload Your Recordings All at Once

Continue Recording While Uploading

Auto Naming

Roadcast lets you automatically rename your files for the upload in order to match your broadcasting studio’s file naming conventions.

You can include auto components like the track title or the recording time. You can even add fixed text components like your name or the name of your radio show.

Fast Track Selector

Quickly select the tracks you want to send to your broadcasting studio. You can listen to each track by tapping its Play button to make sure it is the right track.

Once you have selected your tracks you can upload them all at once.

Upload Services

Choose your preferred upload service and let Roadcast take care of the rest.

You can upload your recordings to your Dropbox folder, to Soundcloud, or use your studio's FTP server. You can send the recordings as e-mail attachments or use iTunes file sharing when your iPhone is connected to your computer.

Keep Your Recordings Organized

Put Your Tracks in a Box

Powerful Organizer

All your recordings are stored in a box. You can create a new box for each interview session.

Optimized Track List

Give your tracks a meaningful name. Get important information on the total recording time in the info panel below the track list.

Detailed Track Information

The detail page shows all information you need on your recordings.